vanishing animal

by Dead Ven

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phiysical album available SOON!
proceeds from digital sales will be donated to the Leatherback Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the leatherback sea turtle, whose mission is to promote the conservation of leatherbacks and other turtles at risk of extinction.
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released November 8, 2016

illustration by Bradley Parker
@bradley0parker on Twitter



all rights reserved


Dead Ven Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: burn it down
enslaved by the chains of our own design
and reigned by the price of our desire
barely breathing in the quarter or whatever is left over
after spending the rest of ourselves for the lie

we're trained by refrain of the ages past
to strain for the things that cannot last
so we carry on the chorus of the ones who fell before us
though the glamour of the prize is fading fast

we were taught to live our lives like this
we were taught to fight and die for this
but i could not abide anymore

burn it down
we'll build it up again somehow
burn clean absolve us of these sins
and from the ashes start again

when the night is alight blazing bright as the sun
and all of our tribes unite as one
we'll dance around the trash fire of this goddamned rotting empire
and revel in the awe of what we've done

burn it down
we'll learn to live someway, somehow
and find inside a way to be a thing that is more wild & free
Track Name: down to dirt
a man works, a man slaves
a man saves & then he pays
but he can’t buy, more numbered days
and he’ll go down, go down to dirt

down to dirt,
we all go
all go down
go down to dirt

a man fights, a man kills
and man steals & then he kneels
but he won’t right the guilt he feels
and he’ll go down, go down to dirt

a woman loves, a woman sings
she fits her finger for a ring
she won’t escape death’s final sting
and she’ll go down, go down to dirt

what can we do, how can we care?
purpose a path, follow it fair
but save a breath and say a prayer
to hope some good follows us there…

down to dirt,
we all go
all go down
go down to dirt
Track Name: the struggle
i want to see souls behind every eye
i want to know hope in every sunrise
i want to burn like fire when the poor are despised
and the weak are trampled despite their fiercest cries

i want to live like everywhere’s home
i want to love a& never feel alone
i want to silence the words that break the hearts before the damage is done
and crumble the walls that hold back what’s to come

but i see surrender in your eyes, i’ve known it in my own a thousand times
with last hope tied to the mast, helmed by the fears of failures past
but wage battle and move forward, the struggle is its own reward

i want to breathe like death’s grip’s closing tight
i want to sing like it’s “Whiskey Tonight”
i’m going to stand by my family & damn all that come against the ironclad of our might
we’ll haunt the prose of the poets long after we’ve died
Track Name: democracy
the sea does what it likes, & what it likes is destruction

we’ll be the waves that beat the walls of bloody tyranny
we’ll beat our hands ‘til tyrants fall and all stand equally

we can be the sea, you and me
Track Name: LASTER
when we go what will remain of all the joy and all the pain,
and the trials of a life we were so eager to explain?
day, by week, by month, by year so many go and leave us here
to wonder even more or ignore so we won’t fear

for the ones returned to where we’re from,
the tragedy of “the good die young”
we mourn the loss of life and we struggle just to see
with an open mind and an open heart,
open hands is where it starts
sometimes you do the deed of the one you want to be

through echoes of their lives we trace, actions of uncommon grace
and we think for greater good, if we could we’d take their place
but the fates have chosen us the ones to carry on the numbered run
the remnant of the work for the world was left undone

by grace, by chance, by the work of these two hands
i will rise and rise again as many times as i fall down
by sweat, by blood, by the tears that come like flood
i will not be dust, but ash – i will use the time i have

i will LAST, o, i will LAST